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Ambitious people hate the monotonous drag of the typical nine-to-five job. They are always on the lookout for a big opportunity or side hustle that can turn into a full-time income. Why stay in the rat race if there are better options? With MyGoTo, you can earn a monthly income utilizing the simple principle of word-of-mouth marketing. We call it "Telling, Not Selling". Earn your income by "Telling" others about MyGoTo and let the retailers do "The Selling". You can earn an income in industries like Cars, (Real Estate, Mortgages and Finance, Coming soon) and only need to be an expert at being social.

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Our Affiliate Marketing Program Offers Four Different Ways To Earn Money



By sending, or placing on a social media platform, a trackable, affiliate marketing referral link for anyone you know like friends, family, or strangers can earn you money. If the referral leads to a purchase, you receive an advertising fee. In addition, future purchases from the individuals you refer, give you additional compensation. The more people you tell, the more money you earn. It's that simple.


MyGoTo Influencer Program

Every referral you make has the potential to become an Affiliate Marketer, just like you. Your initial referral puts them in your ‘Mentoring Tree’. As an Influencer, when one of your referred members generates a sale from their Affiliate Marketing link, you also receive compensation. The larger your 'Mentoring Tree", the more affiliate links you're connected to, the more potential for you to earn and income.



Once you prove yourself as a master word-of-mouth marketing influencer, the next option is that of a Concierge. As a concierge, you are a "Network Team Leader" and are compensated for discovering new Industry Partners and or working within an already established network as a Concierge.


Industry Specialist

After working as a Concierge and or finding retail partnerships as a Network Team Leader, you can choose to become an Industry Specialist. This role is trained by the corporate office and seeks to discover industry professionals in various fields. Compensation is plentiful for all platform specialists.

Our company, MyGoTo, uniquely blended the sector of Affiliate Marketing and referral word-of-mouth marketing. You simply speak on the topics you know best, and let your friends do the same. Recruit new members to grow your passive income each month. The more people you tell, the more money you can make. Fortunately, we live in the social media era where the entire planet is merely one click away. Once you start referring, you create a perpetual motion of growth for you and your wallet.

With MyGoTo, there is no sign-up fee or inventory to sell. Your income is based solely, on the success of your digitized word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. MyGoTo provides several layers of social media support and advertising videos for you to use on the most popular social media platforms with a trackable affiliate marketing link. All business owners agree that referrals are the most valuable form of advertising. MyGoTo is a smart network of premier retailers who redirect their advertising budgets for your marketing efforts. By promoting MyGoTo’s network of retailers, you can achieve financial independence as an Affiliate Marketing Agent. Skys the limit.