About MyGoTo

MyGoTo is an advertising program that helps individuals create an income for themselves.

It grants people the freedom to work for themselves and have their own business. The key to the program is simply to refer individuals and groups to the MyGoTo’s website for the sake of our partnered and esteemed companies. It is all about referrals, there is no need to buy any products. MyGoTo capitalizes on the emerging sector of social media advertising and referral word-of- mouth marketing. The platform is developed with high-level encryption to protect user information and data. Over five years of research and development have perfected the platform and allow for ease of use. MyGoTo is designed to grant individuals the independence to work for themselves and to create their own income as independent advertising agents. Our companies are a smart network of premier retailers that redirect their advertising budgets for the benefit of our Authorized Advertising Agents.

Our founders’ background began over twenty-two years ago in the automotive industry. They worked in almost every role in the automotive and mortgage world from sales to finance and everything in between. With a history in development, product placement and execution, they have an intricate understanding in the importance of referrals for businesses. The team’s past experience evolved into consulting in their fields of expertise. From there, they helped companies launch startups and new product campaigns. Sourcing became a passion and expanded into Customer Relationships Management (CRM). Finance underwriting and risk management are further assets that the team brings to MyGoTo. Their knowledge is vast and unique across various fields. It helps us help you be the best business owner you can.

Our Background

MyGoTo founders bring applicable knowledge to the MyGoTo platform from across automotive, recreational, leisure and mortgage/finance industries.

A Proudly Canadian Company